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Define the Style

Does it come in Black?

I have friends I really enjoy shopping with.  We have a lot of fun window shopping, lunch break, and the best part, instant gratification when we find what we like!

Sometimes, I get a little frustrated when I find this adorable shirt for a friend and say, “Oh! This would look (insert comment such as great, cute, adorable, sexy…) on you!” and the response is, “Soooo cute. Does it come in black?”

Black. Do not get me wrong, I am a firm believer in the color (or, by definition, the absence of color). The LDB, black patent-leather pumps, a black wool winter coat - all staples of a healthy wardrobe. But I have found so many women run straight to black as the end-all-be-all wardrobe color without much room for the rainbow! 

There are many reasons for it, the biggest reason being self-consciousness. Black is slimming, wearing black makes the bigger parts look smaller. And it’s true. Darker colors on the areas you want to slim down to even out your shape, does work.  But it doesn’t mean you have to look like Winona Ryder from just about any 80s movie to look and feel more body balanced.

When I look at a client’s wardrobe, I search for clues of their favorite hues - some women love pastels, others like energetic colors to brighten their mood. And many women prefer more neutral colors. When I walk into a closet filled with black, or black and white stripes, or shades of grey (keep your mind out of the gutter for a little bit, huh?), I know it’s about time to open their eyes to color.

I love color analysis.  Some of you might know about finding your “season.” It seems a bit hokey - “you’re a Fall, or a Summer!”  Sounds silly, but the concept actually works. By defining what season you look best in, you are opening up to a whole world of color that works best for you. When you add the right colors to the style that best fits your body type, you will see a HUGE difference in how you feel about yourself, which changes how people perceive you, as well.  I have seen women glow in the colors that match their skin tone best and they get comments on how good they look, too.

Being a huge color enthusiast, I recently bought a book called “Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says about You, by Michele Bernhardt.  It’s so much fun to look up your birthday to see what color will show up. It’s not color analysis, because the book can’t know your skin tone, or hair color. But if you love astrology, you can’t help but want to find your birthday color. And it’s scary how right the descriptions of your personality are.  For example, I was born on August 23rd (some of you might say, oh a fellow Virgo, but I was born on the cusp and am a FULL BLOWN Leo. If you know me, you’d be shaking your head yes, right about now). My color is Sea Green (Pantone 16-5421) - Magical, Dramatic, and Spirited.  Enough said with just dramatic. The page goes on to say that if you were born on this day, "You are a dreamer, and it’s important that your life be filled with ideas and moments of greatness. The dull and mundane will not hold your interest for long.  It is important that you take the necessary time to develop the skills to augment the innate talents that you already possess. To be great, you need to be courageous enough to make mistakes.” Ah, yup. Then it tells you how the color benefits you: “Your personal color resonates with adventure and introspection. Wearing, meditating on, or surrounding yourself with Sea Green helps you feel grounded and self-assured.” And compatible birthdays are March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!), October 21, and December 17. Pretty cool, huh? And when you start checking other birthdays out (friends, family, husbands, wives, mortal enemies - just kidding!), you realize just how crazy spot-on it can be. So I’m gonna buy myself something in Sea Green for the Spring.  I can’t wait to see how I feel in my birthday color.  Send me a comment on my website if you want to check out your own birthday color!

It’s really not hard to add a pop of color to your outfit. And you can ease yourself into it.  Start with a scarf, or a belt. And with Spring coming, there is a NEED for color in our lives after the cold drab winter. There are so many pretty shades of blue out for the Spring season this year. Take a look at my “Spring in your Step” board on Pinterest to see the colors in style for 2014.

So, do not deny your body the right to look fantastic in something other than black.  Do it for yourself and feel how much it can change your attitude and the attitude of those around you.  I guarantee you will get comments on the colors you wear when you find the ones that look right on you.